Brian & Jennifer // Engaged

    These two… they made my job seriously easy. Their love for one another is obvious and tangible. They make each another laugh and bubble up with joy. They compliment one another… Continue reading

David, Leah & the pups

My heart beats fast with joy when I get the opportunity to document beautiful, simple, real life. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when David and Leah came to me with… Continue reading

Lisa with a little one on the way

Oh Lisa Gee.Lisa is one of the strongest, most industrious, productive, motivated people I have ever come across. She is filled to the brim with joy and her laugh and smile are contagious.I… Continue reading

home birth | Pearl Maria

As a professional photographer, it is one of the greatest honors you can receive when a very talented fellow photographer asks you to photograph one of the most personal, intimate and important days… Continue reading

Sweet Baby Owen

This family. Oh my, where do I start? Sage (my husband) met Charles (sweet Owen’s daddy) when he first moved to Columbia to start vet school. Upon first meeting they had one of… Continue reading

James and Ali :: Married

Buckner Family

My husband, Sage, is in his third year of veterinary school, this means that in October he’ll be transitioning into the clinical rotation portion of his education, and when you say “hello” to… Continue reading

Riley & Chelsea

I was back in Colorado for a weekend visit and was blessed to spend my Saturday morning with Riley & Chelsea(and their two sweet dogs). They were a blast to work with. Happy,… Continue reading

The Acock Family


James & Ali

Goodness, James and Ali, what a huge blessing you are. Right before I met James the tiny college ministry I had gone to for the first three-ish years at UNC had become mostly… Continue reading